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Aarhus – the smiling city


Recently I visited Aarhus – the second largest city in Denmark. It is situated in Jutland – the only part of Denmark which is directly connected to the European mainland. I don’t know if that is the reason why the inhabitants of Aarhus are a little different from us who are living in other parts of Denmark, especially us who are living in the metropolitan area. But they certainly are a little different.

For instance, some of them are a little woody…


However, they are very nice and polite and greet tourists welcome…


Their houses reflect their personalities…


The inhabitants are very keen to keep their city clean and tidy…


The inhabitants are fond of feast and colours…


Although they normally are very peaceful, sometimes their feasts end up i brawl…


The inhabitants are very fond of music too, and they like to play for you…


They have even placed pianos on selected public places in order to make it possible for you to play…


In a special house they exhibit a giant boy. He might look scary but don’t be afraid – he is harmless.


The young women are a chapter for themselves…


You understand that you in fact are a little closer to Paradise in Aarhus…


I will certainly soon be back in Aarhus.

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