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Goodbye to a landmark – the gas tank in Valby (Copenhagen, Denmark)



… and after

The gas tank in Valby (Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe) has since 1967 functioned as a landmark for people coming to the capital from the southern part of Zealand. With its 108 meters it was the second highest man made construction in Denmark, and it could be seen from a wide distance. However, since 2007 it did not function as a gas tank any longer, and attempts to raise money for alternative purposes failed. It was, therefore, demolished Sunday, November 4, 2012 at noon. Due to 50 kg of well positioned explosives the 2000 tonnes of steel fell surprisingly silent to the ground as a tree in about 30 seconds.


… and after

The tank’s shadow before…

… and after

Before: The preparation of the demolition.

After: The gas tank recalled a crashed space station.

The demolition attracted about 20,000 people. It caused traffic chaos because all wanted to leave the scene at the same time. Some drivers were ‘forced’ to drive illegally on the bicycle path.

Here is a sequence of photos from the demolition:

This is the end. Beautiful friend.

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