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Bufo bufo – a dangerous beast

Bufo bufo by Per Tybjerg Aldrich

A toad (Bufo bufo) in our greenhouse. © Per Tybjerg Aldrich

When I water the plants in our greenhouse, I often meet this toad. It sits under one of the tomato plants or – as in this case – under the paprika plant and makes itself almost a part of the soil.

The other day I wrote about digitalis purpurea and asked: Who would belive that such a beauty is full of poison? My dear Heidrun sent me a comment asking:  Isn’t it often so that the most beautiful things in nature are poisonous? I guess she is right, but certainly the opposite isn’t right: It is not so that the ugliest things in nature are not poisonous. The Bufo bufo is one example of this. It is ugly (in my opinion) – and it is poisonous (according to an article in Wikipedia – in Danish). So don’t find your prince by kissing a frog!

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