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Sunset over Roskilde Fjord


Bolund at sunset


Happy New Year!

Halo around the Moon and fireworks on December 31, 2017.

Small scale ice structure


A bucket of water in my garden got an ice crust this night. When I took up the ice crust, it revealed a whole minature landscape underneath. Here’s one of the fantastic creatures in this landscape.

Transit of Mercury

Transit_Mercury_PerTybjergAldrich_201605091419UTMay 9, 2016 the inner most planet of the Solar System passed in front of the Sun as seen from Earth. The weather in Denmark was perfect for viewing the entire transit and I made a number of photos. The photo above was shot at 14:19 Universal Time (= 16:19 Danish Daylight Saving Hours) and Mercury is seen as a distinct round dark spot to the left of the center of the Sun. The other dark flecks on the surface of the Sun are sunspots.


Avnø Manor on a foggy day

Avnø Manor


A lone tree on Avnø peninsula on a foggy day

A lone tree


Avnø Nature Centre on a foggy day

Avnø Nature Centre


The coast at Lunden on Avnø peninsula on a foggy day

The coast at Lunden


The forest Lunden on Avnø peninsula on a foggy day